Men's Rocky Outback Gore-Tex Waterproof Hiker Boots 8723

Men's Rocky Outback Gore-Tex Waterproof Hiker Boots 8723



Rocky boots featuring GORE-TEX® are guaranteed to be durably waterproof and highly breathable. Why? GORE-TEX®is made with a microporous membrane structure. Each pore is much smaller than a water molecule, but bigger than a water vapor molecule, which means no external moisture - from rain, snow, sleet or puddles - can penetrate the membrane, but internal moisture from perspiration can easily evaporate. So you can easily see why these are great shoes to wear while you are outside, enjoying the glory of Mother Nature. We've got you covered with grip too. The Outback rubber outsole provides long-lasting traction and stability on rugged terrain. It is stitched on for flexibility - and has been double stitched at toe and heel for durability.

  • Style#: FQ0008723

  • Airport Footbed Provides Support and Cushioning

  • Outback outsole provides stability on rugged terrains

  • Waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® construction

  • 6 Inches in height

  • Full-grain leather

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